TGEL Builder BIAB Gel - 15ml

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* LED/UV Self-levelling lightweight formula.
* Colour match to your client’s skin tone.
* Perfect to camouflage re-growth and to correct uneven or bitten nail beds.
* Super quick application time due to easy brush on formula – versatile product with many different uses:
* Use with nail forms to sculpt the entire nail.
* Use over nail tips as an overlay.
* Use to reinforce natural nail strength – great for encouraging natural nail growth following removal of extension products.
* For long lasting adhesion, use the Builder Gel instead of glue to ensure 3+ weeks adhesion of our new Full Coverage Nail Tips.
* Soak off product – with the strength of a hard gel!


• Allows you to construct, fill, build & shape the natural nail, with the ease of brushing on.
• Reinforces natural nails structure by strengthening weak and brittle nails.
• Self-levelling formula without shrinking effect
• Base gel coat for gel polish that has an extra elastic and flexible nature
• Creamy application without running
• Superior adhesive function
• Use for an no lift, extra flexible coat before Hard gel and acrylic application.
• Holds its shape on a form beautifully for less filing to get the shape you want.
• Appealing to manicure clients accustomed to using nail lacquer and makes a transition to long-lasting gel services quick and easy.

Tips &Tricks

1. Always keep the lid on the gel to prevent exposure to light and contamination, keep far away from natural sunlight – it will ruin the gel.
2. Nails should be removed every 2 or 3 weeks.
3. Make sure hands and gel are at room temperature before applying.
4, Keep your Lamp bulbs clean of dust.
5. Can be used to do refills on acrylic and hard gels.